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Auto Insurance for Weekend Drivers

September 26th, 2011  |  Insurance

One thing that people need to understand about auto insurance is that there is no one size fits all package. It is rare for two people to pay the same for their insurance rates because there are so many factors that go into an insurance company’s assessment of your car insurance situation.

This is no different when it comes to auto insurance for weekend drivers. Since you only drive a portion of the week, your insurance needs vary and will be different than a driver that commutes to work daily.

When it comes to auto insurance for weekend drivers, most insurance companies will list you as an occasional driver and assess your use of your vehicle for “pleasure driving” only. This assessment can help to lower your insurance rates. You could also qualify for a low kilometer discount. So, make sure that you make this known to your insurance broker or you could be missing out on a car insurance rate discount.

In terms of other auto insurance components and coverage needs, they will remain relatively the same. Regardless if you are a weekend driver, occasional driver, or drive all the time, it is important to talk with your insurance broker if you have questions about your coverage. You never know when you could save money on auto insurance. Often, savings are only one call away.

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