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Auto Insurance Options as a First Time Driver

August 31st, 2011  |  Auto Insurance

Most first time drivers don’t give insurance that much thought. They are excited about getting their driver’s license and having the ability to get out on the road. However, first time drivers need to take the time to consider their auto insurance options. What they choose to do will impact their rates going forward.

There are two main auto insurance options for first time drivers to consider:

  1. Getting auto insurance coverage by yourself

  2. Getting added on your parents/guardians auto insurance policy

If you decide to go it alone there are a number of things you can do to ensure you get the coverage you need:

  • Shop around: Don’t settle for the first quote you receive. To make things easy on yourself, try an auto insurance broker to help you with your search.

  • Pay upfront: With most auto insurance companies, paying the full balance upfront will qualify you for a discount.

  • Look around after a year: Shop around again after your first year as an insured driver. You will now have some driving experience and could qualify for a lower auto insurance rate.

The second option is to go on your parents insurance. If you decide to go on your parent’s auto insurance you will put yourself in a good position to get a better auto insurance rate down the road. Other advantages include:

  • Receiving the same discounts that your parents qualify for with their coverage

  • Having proof of prior insurance when you go out on your own. This way, you will not be considered high risk when you apply for auto insurance.

A final option is to use an auto insurance broker like HUB Insurance Hunter. We can help you with your search for auto insurance. Give us a call and get a quote in minutes.

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