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Areas where drivers need to pay extra attention to the road and their surroundings

October 21st, 2012  |  Auto Insurance

Distracted driving is an issue that requires much attention. There is no doubt that it poses a threat to drivers and pedestrians alike. While drivers should avoid distractions at all times, there are certain situations and areas where they need to put in more of an effort and be as focused as possible on the road their surroundings. When drivers pay more attention in these situations, they reduce the possibility of accidents occurring.

The following are areas where drivers need to pay extra attention when behind the wheel:

  • When you are close to home: Since you know your neighborhood so well, many drivers tend to pay less attention when they are only a few blocks away from home. This leads to many accidents that could otherwise be avoided if a little more attention was paid to the road.

  • In subdivisions: With cars pulling out of their driveways, multiple four way stops, and children playing the streets, drivers need to be very aware of everything that is going on around them.

  • School zones: Paying attention is school zones is very important. With so many children and other traffic in the area, all drivers need to be on high alert.

  • Parks: Parks always have many pedestrians and children in the area. Pay attention and be ready to stop suddenly. You never know what can jump out in front of you.

  • Unfamiliar areas: Whenever driving in unfamiliar areas, it is important that drivers slow down and pay more attention to the road. This will help you better navigate unfamiliar locations.

  • Malls and shopping centers: There is always a lot going on near malls and shopping centers. Watch out for people walking in the parking lot and cars pulling out of spots.

  • Downtown: Whenever you driving downtown in your city you need to be ready for everything. With people and cars coming from many different directions, you never when you will have to make a sudden stop or change in direction.

Paying a little more attention when you are driving in these areas will help keep you safe, and reduce accidents with other vehicles and with pedestrians.

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