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Are you getting ripped off by your mechanic?

March 23rd, 2013  |  Insurance

When it comes time to get some repairs or even regular maintenance done on your vehicle, many people choose to go with a mechanic over their car dealership because they want to save as much money as possible on the cost of repairs. Since many local repair shops tend to offer better rates, people go with the local mechanic.

But, are you getting ripped off by your mechanic?

The truth is that many people simply take their mechanic for their word and pay the quoted amount without looking into it. While most mechanics are honest, there are some that take advantage of unsuspecting people.

Either way, before you get work done on your car you need to take the following step:

  • Get a referral: Ask around and get a referral for a good mechanic in your area. Ask family members and friends, who they use for repairs.
  • Check out the shop: When you take your car in for an estimate, check out the shop, and talk to some of the employees to get a feel for the company, even if it is a large and well-known brand.
  • Do your homework: Before taking your car in for an estimate, do some research on your own to get an idea of the costs involved.
  • Keep a record: Make sure that you keep all your repair receipts and have everything documented just in case you have an issue going forward.

What do you do to protect yourself from getting ripped off from mechanics? More importantly, what mechanics would you recommended using in your area?

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