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9 Small Summer Home Renos That Pay Off

August 9th, 2021  |  Home

Does your home need a refresh?

We’re not talking about month-long renovations that require extensive time and money. Not all improvements need to be big ordeals. There are some summer projects worth doing that will improve the look and value of your home and take no longer than a weekend.

1. Give the exterior a facelift

It’s surprising what a little paint can do. According to Home Painters Toronto, you can expect the price of exterior home painting to start at $3,000-$7,000 plus HST. This covers an average-size home that's around 1,500 – 2,000 square feet. A good paint job on aluminum siding can transform your house and is quite durable. If you’re more of a DIY person, even better.

Tip: When painting, be sure to use warm and inviting colours. Blue-gray is the most popular colour for a house exterior in Canada.

2. Add some "curb appeal"

Having a nice lawn or landscaping goes a long way to improving a home’s visual appeal. It’s the first impression visitors and potential buyers see and there are many easy-to-follow plans that can be found online or in books. When getting started, homeowners can either choose to do the project themselves – such as preparing and planting a perennial bed - or hire a professional. Either way, it’s good idea to tackle it in stages.

Tip: Consider creating a walkway and adding solar lighting.

3. Upgrade windows

If you want a strong return on your investment, replacing aging windows is one of the best options. They are not only more energy efficient but improve the appearance of your home.

Costs of this summer home renovation will depend on the number of windows you want to replace. Keep in mind, they don’t all have to be done at once to make it more budget-friendly. Consult a professional unless you have experience.

Tip: Install dual-pane windows. This will ensure street noise and inefficient air conditioning and heating is eliminated.

4. Fix/upgrade the front door

Installing a new front door can add significant value. Its replacement is one of the top remodelling projects with the highest return on investment. Like new windows, it can also provide savings in terms of heating and cooling costs without breaking the bank. This biggest perk of this summer home renovation is it can be completed in less than one weekend.

Tip: Considering installing a steel or fiberglass entry door — both of which fetch a healthy return.

5. Add a security system

For weekend projects that require the least amount work from homeowners, installing a security system is your best bet. The cost of installing a new system depends on whether you, or a professional company, will be handling the project. There are now more systems on the market homeowners can install themselves.

Tip: If you install a home security system, there may be discounts available from your insurer.

6. Replace fences and gates

Robert Frost once said, “Good fences make good neighbors.” This project is ideal for homes with damaged, old, or outdated fences, which can be repaired or restored. In fact, many home improvement stores offer ready-made fencing as well as custom materials.

Tip: If building a fence, make sure to consult with your municipal/county building department regarding property lines and other requirements.

7. Bathroom upgrades

Complete bathroom renos can be expensive … not to mention inconvenient. Weekend projects are like mini makeovers and include such things as a new vanity top, lighting, faucet or mirror, as well as painting walls and cabinets.

Tip:Even textiles can freshen up the bathroom. A new fabric shower curtain, fluffy towels and some cozy well-coordinated essentials can make a big difference.

8. Kitchen Improvements

A mini kitchen makeover can be completed in a tenth of the time of a major reno and reduce cost. One of the easiest is to install cabinet/drawer rollouts to enhance to keep kitchenware out of and assist with storage.

Tip:Replacing cupboard hardware, a fresh coat of paint or new lights are all other ways to freshen up one of the busiest rooms in the house.

9. Installing ceiling fans

One of the most overlooked summer home renovations is installing ceiling fans. It will help keep you cooler and can give a room a new look.

Tip: Ceiling fans come in a variety of decorative styles and. Be sure, however, to purchase ceiling fans that are Energy Star-rated.

Overall, these summer home upgrades are perfect for homeowners looking to make small improvements or get a jump on their honey-do lists. None of these require a great deal of time or money, but they all add value.

Make sure if you are hiring a contractor to complete renovations, they provide you with proof of insurance. Also check with your broker to confirm if any changes need to be made to your insurance policy.

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