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7 Ways to stay cool in the hot summer sun

July 30th, 2012  |  Insurance

When it comes to this time of the year, the odds are that you are enjoying the sunshine, whether it is at home in the back yard or while vacationing somewhere. Regardless of where you are enjoying the hot summer sun, you need to how to stay cool.


Here are 7 ways to stay cool and enjoy the sun at the same time:


  1. Avoid the peak hours: If you plan to spend significant time in the sun, try and do so during off peak hours (10am to 4pm). Or, try to minimize the time spent in direct sunlight during these hours.

  2. Keep water handy: Always stay hydrated when in the sun for short and long periods of time. Always keep water handy and make sure you drink fluids regularly. If you don’t you risk dehydration or even sunstroke.

  3. Sunscreen: Even if you are working on your tan, make sure you wear sunscreen to protect your skin. You can still get a tan and protect your skin at the same time.

  4. Don’t overdo it: While enjoying the sun is great, don’t overdo it. Try to limit your time in the sun if possible.

  5. Wear a hat: Wearing a hat is ideal. Try to wear a hat at all times when in direct sunlight. This will lessen the effects of the sun and help to prevent getting heat exhaustion.

  6. Wear sun glasses: Make sure you protect your eyes from the sun by wearing sun glasses when in the sun. Sun glasses are not just for fashion, they also protect your eyes.

  7. Find some shade: Always try to spend some time in the shade during hot summer days. Getting out of the sun every now and then gives your body and your skin a much needed break from the sun’s rays.

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