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6 Spring Break Travel Safety Tips and 1 Shameless Plug for Travel Insurance

February 27th, 2014  |  Insurance

Going away for spring break is one of those ‘rites of passage’ as a college student. It is the perfect opportunity to blow off some stream before final exams, get away from the winter weather and enjoy a week in the sun with your friends and classmates. 

However, even though you are travelling down south for a week of fun, you still need make sure that you cover your bases and make your spring break trip a safe one. 

Here are some spring break travel safety tips that everyone needs to review before heading down south: 

1. Do your homework: No, we don’t mean your math assignment; we mean do your homework on the area that you will be travelling to. Take the time to read up on potential dangers that exist in the area for travellers. You need to be prepared or you could get caught off guard and find yourself in a negative situation. 


2. Know local laws: The laws are different in other countries and sometimes things that you wouldn’t think twice about at home could get you in trouble in a foreign country. Brush up on the laws before you leave for your trip. 


3. Don’t wander off alone: Never wander off alone when you are in an unfamiliar country. It is important that you always stick with your group at all times,especially if you are planning to go off of the resort. 


4. Know your limits: Enjoying a few drinks is part of the spring break experience, but make sure you know your limits. Do you really want to be the person that spends half of the trip in the room sick? Probably not. Know your limits and stick to them! 


5. Get vaccinated:Making sure you get the proper vaccinations is important for all travellers. Talk with your doctor about getting vaccinated before you go away for spring break to ensure you are properly protected from viruses. 


6. Get a safe for your room:Having a secure place to keep your money, travel documents and passport is important. Make use of the safe in your room and use it. The last thing you want to happen is have your passport go missing in a foreign country. 


7. SHAMELESS PLUG - Get travel insurance:You never know what can go wrong when you are travelling. From flight delays to medical emergencies, it is important that you have the right form of protection. Travel insurance is important and it can be a huge help, and we are not just saying that because we are an Insurance Broker! You will be glad you got travel insurance if you ever need to use it! 


What have your experiences been on spring break? What travel safety tips do you think is the most important for spring breakers? 

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