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4 Tips for Organizing the Inside of your Car

June 12th, 2013  |  Insurance

Keeping your car clean and organized is important for its longevity. The better condition you keep it in, the less stress that will be placed on the car. Plus, it will be less of an eye sore. While it can be a challenge to keep your car organized, all it takes is a little work upfront.

These tips will definitely help to keep your vehicle more organized:

  1. Item in, item out: If you bring something into your car (i.e. a water bottle, coffee cup, newspaper) make sure that you take it out of the car when you get out. Don’t throw it in the back seat.
  2. Remove items once per week: It’s easy for things to build up over the course of a week. Take 5-10 minutes per week and remove all the garbage and extra items that have piled up.
  3. Get some storage baskets for your trunk: Rather than just throwing things in the truck, take a more organized approach and pick up a couple storage baskets to store your items. You can use one basket for tools, another for your emergency kit, and another for miscellaneous items.
  4. Keep fewer things in your car: The less you keep in your car, the more organized it will be. Also, the less weight that is in your car, the less stress you will put on the engine, and the less gas you will use to get from place to place.

What do you do to keep your car organized? Do you have rules to keep your car organized?

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