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4 Common Sense Tips for Driving During Thunderstorms

June 3rd, 2013  |  Insurance

Every now and again we find ourselves on the road during poor weather conditions. One of these poor driving conditions is thunderstorms. The following are four important tips to follow if you find yourself driving during a thunderstorm:

  1. Listen to the weather report: Ideally, you want to avoid driving during a thunderstorm if possible. Listen to your local radio station to get an idea of where the storm currently is and where it is headed so you can plan your route accordingly.
  2. Adjust your speed to driving conditions: This should go without saying, but there are many drivers out there that fail to slow down when the weather takes a turn for the worse. When thunderstorm hits, especially if it is accompanied by a large downpour, slow down and adjust your speed accordingly.
  3. Pull over if you experience poor visibility: Often the rain during thunderstorms will get intense enough to impair your vision. If this happens, pull over in a safe area and wait for the storm to pass. Avoid stopping near large trees, telephone poles, or anything else that could fall on your vehicle if struck by lightning.
  4. Avoid flooded roadways: If possible, avoid roads that have the potential to flood during large storms. Roads that could flood include bridges, low areas, and roads that have a dip. The depth of water is not always obvious and if you attempt to drive through it, you could put yourself at serious risk.

Does driving during a storm make you nervous? Why? Why not?

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