3 Reasons to get winter tires for your car

November 15th, 2017  |  Auto

Winter is quickly coming upon us, and if you have been told to do it once you have been told a million times, put winter tires on your car. But why, what is so great about them? Many think that their all-season tires are enough, especially if their cars have 4-wheel drive. So why make the switch to winter tires? Well, here are three 3 reasons as to why.


Tests have proven over and over again that winter tires perform better in icy and snowy conditions, leading to safer roads in the winter. Once temperatures dip below 7°C regular tires, yes even those ill-named “all-season” tires, loose traction and performance. Winter tires are specially formulated to maintain their integrity in cold weather and unpleasant conditions. All-in-all winter tires help you stay safe on the roads and are should be added to your safe winter driving to-do list.

Insurance discount

If you need even more incentive than the safety of you and others of the road, installing winter tires will get you a discount on your auto insurance. Back in 2016, the Ontario government made it mandatory that insurance providers give auto insurance discounts to those who install winter tires. The discounts vary, but most providers offer discounts around the 5% mark. Because every provider is different, the best way to know what kind of discount you can get would be to speak to your insurance broker. If you are unhappy about the discount offered, you can always shop around and see what else is out there.

And while it is not a discount, installing winter tires can help keep the price of your auto insurance for rising. Winter tires leads to safer driver in the winter, reducing your chances of being involved with an at fault accident. Making claims can cause your premiums to skyrocket, so if your winter driving is safer and you avoid having to put forth a claim, you keep the cost of your auto insurance down.


Regardless of whether you want to install winter tires, there are some provinces in Canada that require you to have them during the winter months. In Quebec, winter tires are mandatory from December through until March, and British Columbia requires those in mountainous areas to install winter tires. In New Brunswick, while everyday vehicles are not required to have winter tires, school buses are. Elsewhere in Canada, even though it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for those living in areas affected by old man winter.

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