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10 Insurance Related News Year’s Resolutions

December 20th, 2013  |  Insurance

As 2014 gets rolling, it is important to set some goals and objectives for the year ahead from a personal, professional, and financial perspective. Since we are all about insurance here at HUB Insurance Hunter, our minds have been on coming up with a number of great insurance related New Year’s resolutions that we could pass on to you.

No one wants to pay more for home, travel or auto insurance than they have to. And, people want value in the form of insurance coverage for the amount they pay for their premiums. So, here are some insurance related resolutions to consider adding to your list for the coming year:

  1. Actually go out and get an insurance quote
  2. Review your policy, verify the information, and assess your need for coverage
  3. Call your insurance broker when you have a question about your policy
  4. Keep your personal information up to date with your insurance provider
  5. Compare your options before renewing your policy
  6. Consider paying your premium in full to save money
  7. Spend some time reading up about your insurance to gain a better understand of your policy and how insurance works in general
  8. Create a home inventory list
  9. Actually get travel insurance when you booking your next trip
  10. Ask for an insurance discount. You never know, you may save a few extra dollars!

Is insurance included in your list of resolutions for 2014? If it is, we would love to her your travel, home, and auto insurance related New Year’s resolutions! Happy New Year! 

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