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10 insurance claims that will make you chuckle

April 1st, 2021  |  Insurance

Who says insurance is boring?

Bizarre claims from insurers worldwide show it isn’t always what you expect. Clients buy home, auto, or travel insurance to help them deal with the unforeseen, but we’re not sure anyone could have seen some of these coming.

With the one-year anniversary of the global pandemic behind us and many challenges still ahead, taking a moment to look at some of the most odd-ball insurance claims might offer a bit of relief from the serious news we contend with. We hope this collection adds a smile to your day.

  1. A couple was vacationing in southern France. They drove through picturesque landscapes, vineyards, and farms. One day, they came upon several cows on the road. Then, more cows came over the hill and surrounded the car as they made their way to the next field. The couple waited for the cows to clear before proceeding. After arriving at their destination, they looked at their car which had missing paint. Their claim stated the cows had licked it off.
  2. Did you know that falling coconuts kill 150 people worldwide a year? That fact was the basis for the Travel Agency Club Direct to include injuries by falling coconuts in their insurance policies. While there are no reports that anyone has filed a claim with them related to coconut injuries, there was a case dealing with a coconut and payout in Hawaii. A police officer was struck in the head by a falling coconut while removing fronds from a public sidewalk. The officer was awarded $39,000.
  3. How much do you think your chest hair is worth? If you’re singer Tom Jones, the answer is $7,000,000. Lloyds of London agreed to issue an insurance policy to cover Tom Jones’ chest hair.
  4. While vacationing in Australia, one man filed a claim after his car door was kicked in by a wild camel. The claim was approved because he had video evidence to prove he wasn’t making it up.
  5. Losing your baggage while traveling is not uncommon. But what exactly do insurance companies consider baggage? One man filed such a claim to his travel insurers over lost dentures after they fell out while he being seasick over the side of a cruise ship. His insurer approved it.
  6. A mother was baking her daughter’s birthday cake. While mixing the batter to add it to the cake pan, something happened. After she baked, iced, and decorated it, she sat down to check her phone but couldn’t find it. As she cut into the cake there was the missing phone. It no longer worked. She made a claim for the phone on her home insurance, but it was denied.
  7. One insured person filed a claim saying their boat was stolen from a closed garage. The problem? The boat was 30 feet long, and the garage was only 24 feet. Instead of having their claim paid out, they received a fine.
  8. A jewelry company in North Carolina offered to refund $500,000 in sales if the city got more than three inches of snow on Christmas Day. Good thing they were insured. Wilmington, N.C., saw eight inches of the white stuff that day.
  9. If you conceive more than one baby, Lloyds of London can help. It’s called Multiple Birth Insurance, and it covers the financial impact of having more than one baby. One couple collected after having twins purchased the insurance again and ended up having a second set.
  10. A couple on holiday in Malaysia encountered some cheeky monkeys who stole their clothes, leaving a trail of dresses, T-shirts, and undies all over the nearby rainforest. Luckily, their insurer had included ‘theft by Monkey’ in their policy and they were covered.

While it’s obvious these claims don’t happen every day, it does show why it’s worthwhile to make sure you’re covered. Contact your broker today for your customized auto, home, or travel insurance.

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