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10 Holiday shopping ideas for the car lover in your life

December 6th, 2013  |  Insurance

As December rolls around, people start to get stressed out about what gifts to get their friends and family. For some people, it is easy to figure out what to get them as a gift, but for others, it can be extremely difficult.

If you have a car fanatic in your life, you are in luck. There is no shortage of great car related gifts that you could purchase. Here are some great gift ideas we have put together for the car lover in your life:

  1. Car Movies - There are many great car movies out there to choose from. Pick up a couple of car movie classics, add in some snacks like gourmet popcorn, and you’ve got a perfect gift.
  2. Car accessories – There are hundreds to choose from, be inventive and surprise the car lover in your life.
  3. Car books – If they love reading about classic cars and car history, a few car books is a great gift idea.
  4. A subscription to their favorite car magazine – This gift extends throughout the year as each new magazine arrives at their door.
  5. Tickets to an auto race in your area – What better gift then the experience of a live racing event?
  6. The latest racing video game  If your car lover plays video games this gift can provide hours of enjoyment.
  7. A gift card to their favorite car parts store – Allow your car lover to choose their own gift at their favorite store.
  8. A model of their favorite car – Let your car lover get the satisfaction of building a model of their favorite car.
  9. Clothing – Clothing branded with their favorite car and auto manufacturers can make a cherished gift.
  10. A day at the track – If you are looking for something to really blow them away, then considering looking a day at the track where they will have the chance to drive one of their favorite vehicles.

Do you have a car lover in your family? What car related gifts have your given them in the past that were a hit? What other car related gift ideas have you seen this season?

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